International architectural design competition

National concert hall “Tautos namai”

An exceptional spot in Vilnius – the top of the Tauras hill, V. Mykolaicio Street – was selected as the most suitable location for the National Concerts Hall.

Announcing an open international architectural competition for an architectural concept of the National Concerts Hall, Vilnius City Municipality expects to get innovative, quality, unique architectural ideas. The National Concerts Hall should reach the highest standards of acoustic and functional characteristics, and to become a new landmark in Vilnius cityscape.

The Competition is open to architects from all countries. Eligible architects must be qualified for architectural practice in their respective countries.

The following sums will be attributed to the prizes:

First prize 60 000 Eur
Second prize 40 000 Eur
Third prize 20 000 Eur

For more information:

Project Location

Mykolaičio-Putino g. 5, Vilnius / Tauro kalnas 


Competition was launched on 25th of February 2019
Deadline for submission of designs is June 25th, 2019

The designs must be addressed to:

Lietuvos architektų sąjunga, Kalvarijų g. 1, 09310 Vilnius, Lithuania