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Discover why Vilnius is such a great and innovative place to live and invest in and how real estate assets can make the difference.

Facts about Vilnius

Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania with a UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town
One of the greenest and cleanest European cities: air, water, green spaces
Lithuanians are second in the EU when it comes to language skills
Vilnius is a top contributor of Lithuania’s economy  – 40% GDP is created in Vilnius – GDP growth in Vilnius 7% yearly
Business Insider: Vilnius is rated among the top 10 in the world for work-life balance (ahead of Brussels and Munich)
Alongside Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Montréal, Vilnius is one of the hippest and best-governed places to live.  (According to New York Times)
Fastest growing city in the region 550,000 citizens – Population growth 2.7% increase (avg)
Vilnius #happiest capital in the EU! 98% of residents are happy with life in Vilnius
#1 in Europe for ease of starting a business: According to the World Bank
Being a capital of open data – increases transparency and investment climate
Vilnius ranks 3rd among midsized European cities of the future – fDi Intelligence Award
Vilnius is the largest Financial centre of the Baltic States – 112 Fintech companies operate globally from Vilnius
A money magnet – Vilnius attracts more than 70% (EUR 224 million) of all foreign direct investment coming to Lithuania (EUR 315 million)
And has the largest increase of foreign direct investments in the region: Vilnius +36%, Riga – 64%, Tallinn – 44%.
Average yields for prime retail and office assets in 2017 in the 6.5 to 7.25 range
47% of investments were in office space projects (EUR 107 million.) – 74% of all investments were in Office and Commercial space development
Return of investments in prime retail and office assets are up to few times higher than other Nordic capitals
The majority of investment capital comes from the USA, Nordic countries, the Baltic Region itself, and Germany. This has had positive implications for the market’s transparency and liquidity.
Industrial property yields stood around 8-8.5%
The region is among the most promising investment destinations in the region.

Legal and taxes

This investment guide will provide you a brief insight into the basic requirements in Lithuania related to incorporation of companies, taxation, employment, and real estate acquisition matters.

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Vilnius investment market overviews

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Vilnius region

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Co-working spaces in Vilnius

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